Graceful Rectangle: Elegant Decorative Element for Website Pages and Text Decoration

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Olena Panasovska
Creation date: 10082022
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Celtic tatto.
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This icon showcases an elegant decorative element in the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners, where each side in the middle is elongated, forming an angled design. The icon exudes sophistication and can be used to adorn website pages or text, serving as a text divider or embellishment in the form of delicate graphic lines near photographs, or as a filler for empty spaces. The refined design of this decorative element adds a touch of elegance to any visual composition. With its versatile nature, it can seamlessly integrate into various design projects, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Its clean lines and balanced proportions create a visually pleasing effect, while the rounded corners soften the overall appearance. Whether used as a subtle accent or a prominent design element, this icon brings a sense of style and visual appeal to any composition.

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Elegant Decorative Rectangle Angled design Refined
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