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Celtic tatto.
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The icon portrays an open safety pin with a heart threaded onto the needle. This design is a powerful representation of love, affection, and emotional connection. The combination of the safety pin, symbolizing protection and support, with the heart, a universal symbol of love, creates a compelling visual metaphor. It signifies the deep bond and attachment shared between individuals, representing feelings of passion, devotion, and commitment. This icon serves as a reminder of the importance of love and the significance of emotional connections in our lives. It can be seen as a personal expression of affection, a symbol of unity, or a declaration of one's heartfelt emotions.

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Pin Heart Love Symbol Attachment
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Pin, Heart, Love, Symbol, Attachment, Affection, Sentiment, Embrace, Adornment, Keepsake, Ink, Body art, Symbolic, Expression, Passion, Devotion, Artistry, Personalization, Meaningful, Affection, Passion, Devotion, Connection, Sentiment, Intimacy, Commitment, Emotion, Heartfelt.